Health & Safety

WRIGHT CONTRACTORS are firmly committed to promoting and achieving high standards of safety, health and welfare at all times at their sites and premises by compliance with all relevant statutory provisions on health and safety at work.

WRIGHT CONTRACTORS objective is to plan and control activities in such a manner as to have the minimum effect on the well-being of anyone, either directly or indirectly employed, visitors or members of the public.

Adequate resources will be made available for the planning, provision and maintenance of safe working conditions and a safe system of work.

Managers and supervisory staff who are given specific duties for controlling work, preparing risk assessments, safety plans etc, will be widely consulted and given appropriate training.

Health and Safety are regarded as responsibilities of equal importance to matters such as production and quality for all line managers when preparing for and executing work. The correction of any breach of statutory provision on health and safety will take priority.

Should appropriate action not be taken to meet the required standards, this will be taken seriously and may lead to disciplinary action.

Employees are encouraged to discuss safety, health and welfare matters with their manager and seek further advice.

This Health and Safety Statement will be kept under review to ensure its continuing relevance to current statutory regulations.

WRIGHT CONTRACTORS recognise and value the importance of a good safety record and require all employees, sub-contractors and visitors to play an active part in maintaining this performance by compliance with their legal obligations and this safety statement.

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